Aqua Blasting is a non-aggressive technique which ONLY removes the dirt and corrosion and NOT the surface material, as can occur with some ‘blasting’ methods. The benefit of aqua blasting is that all critical dimensions of components remain unchanged, making it safe to use on precision engineering produced items, moulds and automotive engine components to name a few.

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Jaguar V12 Cylinder Head
Cabinet takes from a BSA Bantam carburettor to a Jaguar V12 engine block

Purpose built Aqua Blast cabinet features a custom 800mm stainless steel turntable with a bed loading of 250kg

Aqua Blasting cleans by using a combination of water, a biodegradable detergent (which contains a corrosion inhibitor) and blast media driven by high pressure compressed air which cleans and degreases to leave an attractive matt finish.

Water, blast media and detergent are fed via a pump to a high pressure nozzle. At the nozzle compressed air is introduced, and this combination of water, media and detergent / inhibitor strips away the dirt from the surface of the component without stripping away any surface material.